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published! ceremony magazine

ceremony magazine did a fabulous feature on tesse and mike’s gorgeous wedding designed by none other than amorology weddings! check it out! :) i really loved the concept of this wedding, it was so unique!

tesse and mike

i have been DYING to get this wedding up ever since i shot it! and its finally up! tesse and mike were married at this amazing location in san diego - the scripps institution of oceanography. it was this adorable little “house” with a FABULOUS view overlooking the ocean. really, you can’t buy views like that!

i met tesse and mike for their engagement shoot back on new years day in pasadena, and had so much fun seeing them again for their special day. they are SO sweet together. mike and tesse met on eHarmony - which if you haven’t heard, is the new place to be. seriously. i have had multiple weddings with couples who have met online, and they are some of the best matched couples! mike and tesse went on their first “real” date to the la observatory, and after sharing that little tidbit with the completely fabulous heather from amorology, they decided on an astrology themed wedding. of course, amorology went all out and had everything from glowing stars hanging above to a complete seating chart on a map of all the constellations! twigg botanicals did a beautiful job on the flowers, and the delicious food was done by one of my favorites - crown point catering. thanks also to kelly who second shot with me!

you absolutely HAVE to check out the slideshow to catch much more of the gorgeous day!

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colby and maria

colby and maria were married in san diego, ca. they actually had a PREception before the wedding instead of afterwards, so i was able to set up a super sweet first look in her gorgeous house! maria wore her grandmother’s wedding gown and looked absolutely STUNNING in it! she said they didn’t even have to do anything to it, it just fit her perfectly. can you say GORGEOUS?? they were married the next day in the lds san diego temple, and had a reception afterwards at a restaurant on the marine corps base. i was fascinated (and a little nervous when asked to provide ID at the entrance by a uniformed guard!) by the mini-city going on inside the base, and the restaurant was super cute next to a lake and had some fabulous spanish looking tiles and doors!

CLICK HERE to see the slideshow from the day!

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jesse and jessica

jesse and jessica were married in the san diego LDS temple. it was a fabulous day - and we headed to the beach for some fun shots with the bridal party. the reception was later that evening at the Thursday Club in san diego. of course, all the details were absolutely perfect! amorology came up with an adorable “they go forever together” theme complete with oreo cookies and milk - really, has there ever been a combination better than those two?! twigg botanicals did a beautiful job with the flowers and brought in peacock feathers as well! although i loved the colors (we all know i love color!), i thought the bridal bouquet with the pale shades and bleached peacock feathers was STUNNING!

CLICK HERE to see the slideshow with lots more fun photos and details!

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a coronado engagement

i have a desk with a computer on it, AND the internet!  yay for me :)  this shoot was pre-move, and i just didn’t get it up before we took my office apart!  melissa and nick love to walk the streets of coronado, looking at the fun old houses and riding bikes.  since its such a special place for them, we decided to use it for their engagement session backdrop!  we started out roaming the neighborhood, sitting on people’s porches and even a tree swing.  sshhh ;)  then they switched outfits, and we headed to the beach for some more fun photos.  i have to say, i LOVE that the lifeguard tower has what will be the initial of their married last name together!

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