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the w family

just like kids, i try not to have favorites with clients, but let’s face it, some days we definitely do ;) the w family fits into that category! we’ve done quite a few sessions together now, and i couldn’t say anything but YES when they called to see if we could do another one this summer!

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tesse and mike

i have been DYING to get this wedding up ever since i shot it! and its finally up! tesse and mike were married at this amazing location in san diego - the scripps institution of oceanography. it was this adorable little “house” with a FABULOUS view overlooking the ocean. really, you can’t buy views like that!

i met tesse and mike for their engagement shoot back on new years day in pasadena, and had so much fun seeing them again for their special day. they are SO sweet together. mike and tesse met on eHarmony - which if you haven’t heard, is the new place to be. seriously. i have had multiple weddings with couples who have met online, and they are some of the best matched couples! mike and tesse went on their first “real” date to the la observatory, and after sharing that little tidbit with the completely fabulous heather from amorology, they decided on an astrology themed wedding. of course, amorology went all out and had everything from glowing stars hanging above to a complete seating chart on a map of all the constellations! twigg botanicals did a beautiful job on the flowers, and the delicious food was done by one of my favorites - crown point catering. thanks also to kelly who second shot with me!

you absolutely HAVE to check out the slideshow to catch much more of the gorgeous day!

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daisy and dave!!

here it is!!! the wedding i’ve been so excited to post! now, i don’t really play favorites with my clients - i love all my clients equally. that being said, daisy has been my best friend since 7th grade, so i don’t really consider her a client - even though i’ve pretty much become her personal photographer ;) so if i’m acting over-excited about daisy and dave’s wedding, its just because i love her so much and have been so excited to be a part of her special day!

CLICK HERE to see more pictures in the slideshow!

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matt and colleen

matt and colleen were married this past weekend in laguna, ca at aliso creek inn. i feel like its been forever since i did their engagements, and now their day has come and gone! it was such a beautiful day. i started out the day with colleen and her girls getting ready - they were completely relaxed and having fun! and from what i hear the boys had it rough with a couple rounds of golf in the morning ;) the ceremony was really special because colleen’s brother performed it for them, and was able to make it really personal to matt and colleen. and to top it all, the ceremony ended with doves being released and rose petals thrown!

after all the official stuff was out of the way, the party started! colleen and her dad began with a sweet father daughter song which soon turned into sir mix-a-lot, and after that the dance floor was packed the rest of the night :) the boys even got the pleasure of catching a USC garter belt! GO TROJANS! i’m pretty sure that made it much more enticing!

here are some of my favorites from the day, but to see the rest - including some fun shots from the reception, CLICK HERE!

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tiffany and brian!

tiffany and brian met with me while i was in california to do some beach engagement pictures. i’ve actually done one of tiffany’s sister’s weddings, and the other sister’s senior portraits, so i was so glad when tiffany called me for her engagements and wedding! tiffany and brian were so sweet together. my favorite thing was how tiffany had to stand on her tippy toes to reach and be able to kiss brian! :)
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