Monthly Archives: March 2010

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gorgeous albums!

i am so happy with my new sample albums that i just got! with such a fun, colorful wedding, i couldn’t just order a plain leather cover. i went with a red suede which i LOVE. i absolutely love the mini-me version for parent albums too. isn’t it so cute?!

you can see paige and doug’s entire wedding album design HERE.


jen took the opportunity to really show off her personal style in her lifestyle shots. i always love when you can see the real person because they choose accessories that just enhance their personality! THEY feel more like themselves, which lets me really capture THEM in the photos!

and check out the peacock! there were tons walking around, and usually they ran from us. this one decided to open up and face forward right to the camera!


noelle, or no-no as the girls called her, has this great exotic look. she is SO sweet, and absolutely gorgeous. noelle went for a very sophisticated lifestyle look with her black cocktail dress and hairdo. it was really fun to take her into areas where you don’t usually see someone wearing a cocktail dress! she was a great sport hiking all over in her high heels!

featured on ruffled!

if you have never been to the ruffled blog, you HAVE to check it out! its got tons of vintage inspiration for weddings, as well as a bunch of DIY projects that are gorgeous! they recently featured my shots from the jessica claire workshop i went to last month. make sure to check them out and spend some time browsing the fab site!



megan was another one of my gorgeous girls from vegas. she was the ultimate when it comes to being prepared for this shoot! not only did she bring some of her own props, she brought multiple accessories, and everything possible that ANYONE could have needed during the shoot. healthy snacks? check. chairs and a table? check. full length mirror? check. EXTENSION CORD?!?! check. seriously, she was all over it! i was very impressed.

here are some of my favorites from both her headshot look and her lifestyle look. and does anyone else think she looks like an ad for desperate housewives?! :)