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a baking birthday party!

my friend threw a baking themed birthday party for her daughter’s 4th birthday and asked me to take some pictures. she went above and beyond, even sewing aprons and chef’s hats for each girl! there were tons of cute details that any girl would love to have at their party!

happy love day!!

i know its not QUITE valentine’s day, but i have been doing valentine’s day activities all week, so i just had to post these!  every year, i do some sort of shoot for the kids valentine’s cards.  this year, my big plan was to get heart frames for them to hold.  well, heart frames are actually harder than you’d think to find!  i looked EVERYWHERE and finally had to make my own.  so don’t look too close!  also, i painted them, and then changed my mind about the paint colors, so the day of the shoot i repainted two of the hearts.  they just happened to be the two girls’ hearts.  i thought they were dry, but before the shoot even started, B had gotten paint all over his hands, heart and shirt.  then T got it all over her hands and shirt, and L got pain all over her face!  look closely and you can see some coral pink on her chin.  it was kind of a nightmare!  i was actually NOT feeling the love after this shoot!  i had to give it a few days before i could work on the photos because i was so worn out from the shoot. now i love them because these are my crazy kids - perfectly imperfect!

dear cupcakes, i love you


some people scoff at the idea of paying $4 for a gourmet cupcake. i am not one of those. they are that good. there is a very sweet spot in my heart for cake (pardon the pun!) i L O V E cake. its one of those things that i crave one day, and don’t forget about it until i actually give in and make or buy some. we’re talking weeks. i’ve been craving cake for weeks! i know if i make a batch of cupcakes, i will then proceed to eat way too many of them. i’m just waiting for the right excuse to make some, so someone give me one! ;)  anyone have a great recipe??

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from the swine to the snow and back again!

don’t worry, i don’t think we actually had swine flu! we did have some sort of sickness hit us all. we decided we needed a little break after all the sickness and headed out to what was supposed to be a sunny weekend in idaho. as you can see, it didn’t quite turn out that way! i think it was worth it since we haven’t had any snow stick so far in seattle (knock on wood!!!) the kids had a blast, and we had a wicked snowball fight that left me more than a little sore from how hard i was throwing! embarrassing? yes, i’ll admit it. :) after we hung out in the snow all weekend, we came down with something else again including bronchitis.

every post is better with pictures, so here are a few of the kids playing in the snow. t always insists on eating snow - but don’t worry, her uncles taught her to watch for the yellow snow.