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steve and paola

steve and paola were married in san diego last weekend. it was a fabulous day filled with family and fun! paola has got to be THE sweetest girl you’ll ever meet! she always had a smile on, even during a few stressful moments, and she was always making sure everyone else was okay. family had traveled from germany, brazil, and all over the US to support paola and steve on their special day! amorology was there working their usual magic and making sure everything ran smoothly and beautifully, and it definitely did! and check out the gorgeous programs that paola designed (she’s a graphic designer). their ceremony was held at the jewish temple in old town san diego. it was such a cool old building - i absolutely LOVED it! after the ceremony we headed to botanica for a fantastically decorated reception full of homemade brazilian sweets and dancing the night away! CLICK HERE for a slideshow of the whole day. thanks to cassie for second shooting with me on this one and matt and colleen’s wedding!

what have i done to myself?!

this picture is from last year. i try to get the kids to coordinate costumes by subtle persuasion ;) but they were pretty set on the mulan thing. (mulan was BIG in our house last year for some reason) SO because they don’t make cutesy little baby dragon costumes, i decided, “what the heck, i’ll make one!” um ya… with my 11 year old sewing skills i sewed this stinking moo-shoo costume twice and then basically gave up. i didn’t even do the headband with the horns on her head, so you can’t even tell what she is unless you see the tail behind her. i swore off costumes (just like i swore off making my own themed birthday cakes, which is a whole other story!). i was on track this year until i decided that o and i would coordinate with the kids and dress up for a super fun grown-up party i decided to throw. so now i’m throwing a party, sewing a costume for myself, and oh what else - i decided today was a good day to start sanding down and refinishing this china hutch i got off craig’s list!! i must be crazy in the head. i think the rain is starting to get to me.

devon - class of 2010!

i did devon’s senior portraits last week on a rainy day. we lucked out and got a couple hour reprieve and were able to get our portraits done! now, maybe you’re looking at these photos thinking i did something cool to make devon look taller like shooting from below or something. the truth is, i DID shoot from below, but only out of necessity. devon is around 6′7! he’s a star player on his basketball team and a really fun guy! i can always tell when i have the sports guys because they’ve perfected the “serious team photo face”! so the trick is getting a real laugh or smile out of them!

matt and colleen

matt and colleen were married this past weekend in laguna, ca at aliso creek inn. i feel like its been forever since i did their engagements, and now their day has come and gone! it was such a beautiful day. i started out the day with colleen and her girls getting ready - they were completely relaxed and having fun! and from what i hear the boys had it rough with a couple rounds of golf in the morning ;) the ceremony was really special because colleen’s brother performed it for them, and was able to make it really personal to matt and colleen. and to top it all, the ceremony ended with doves being released and rose petals thrown!

after all the official stuff was out of the way, the party started! colleen and her dad began with a sweet father daughter song which soon turned into sir mix-a-lot, and after that the dance floor was packed the rest of the night :) the boys even got the pleasure of catching a USC garter belt! GO TROJANS! i’m pretty sure that made it much more enticing!

here are some of my favorites from the day, but to see the rest - including some fun shots from the reception, CLICK HERE!

miss whitney! - class of 2010

whitney was a fabulous model who brought lots of attitude, fun and personality to her session! :) she was also loaded up with things to represent herself - which i LOVE! whitney is a fabulous musician so we did quite a few incorporating her guitar - here are just a few of my favorites!