Monthly Archives: December 2008

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jim and jaime!

i was back in phoenix this weekend VERY briefly (made even more brief after the major flight delays and cancellations going on everywhere!!) for a fantastic wedding with jaime and jim.  they were SO MUCH fun to be around.  i could really tell they have so much fun together, and they have such a great group of family/friends, that i really enjoyed shooting their wedding!

now, normally this goes against everything i stand for ;) but i’m only posting a couple pictures because as we speak i am getting ready to put my computer in a box to move.  i wanted to make sure to get the slideshow up before we left because i’ll be without internet for about a week (AHHH!) so i guess you’ll have to watch the slideshow if you want to see all the fun pictures from jaime and jim’s day!!

back in california!

after some really fun sessions in arizona, i’ve been back in california getting ready for our big move.  here is one of my last shoots before i go!

the cockrells

i’m going to warn you now - there are lots of pictures in this post.  but in my defense, it almost felt like two completely different shoots!  we spent half of our time doing the family stuff, and then mom opened up her magical car of goodies, changed all the kids into outfits, and let me have my pick of props!!  it was like heaven! :)  she brought things and outfits that went with the kids’ personalities, which i LOVED!

the kerbys and family!

this year i got to do allison’s extended family along with her family portraits.  they even hauled in a couch for the shoot!  i can’t believe how old her baby is already!!  i feel like i just did her newborn portraits!

the bascom family

this is one of the nicest families a photographer could ever dream of working with!  and super cute too!  i’ve worked with them before, and this year they decided to do a dressier shoot, so we picked a tuscan feeling shopping center in scottsdale and had fun wandering around!