Monthly Archives: September 2008

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blake and vanessa

blake and vanessa got married in granite bay.  it was a beautiful (and warm!) day.  i cannot get over how sweet these two were together!  i didn’t even have to give them much direction!  and even when i put my camera down, the cuteness continued!

here are some of my favorites, but of course, there are lots more on the slideshow, so CLICK HERE to check it out!

the wright family

this was my final utah shoot from this trip.  i loved seeing all the familiar faces, and some new ones too!  hope to see you all again soon!

the wrights have two adorable kids, and again - some incredible eyes!

girly girls

jen always has the cutest outfits complete with matching homemade bows!  i loved the fall color scheme this time, and the girls were ADORABLE!  we met at this gorgeous french restaurant that had a beautiful garden area and some very fun doors!

the chamberlains

i LOVE when i get to work with families over and over again.  its so fun to see the kids grow and change!  i have seen the chamberlains a couple times, and they are a great family!

one brave mom!

i did newborn portraits for kennady when she was very new (which was really not that long ago!) and she already has a little brother!  they are 9 months apart, which i can’t even imagine!  they are such gorgeous kids, and i LOVE how the kennady’s eyes caught the light!

at the end of the shoot, mom gave kennady and jackson some suckers.  kennady immediately assumed control of them :)