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aren’t sisters fabulous?! when i say hey - let me take some pictures of you, she did it. when i mention that those pictures should be at the beach, sure! when i then encouraged her to get in the water even though it was FREEZING outside, she did it. EVEN when i “suggested” that she rub some sand all over herself, SHE DID IT! love her :) and she’s gorgeous.

daisy mae

and what’s a vegas trip without yet another session with daisy! i now have earned an entire facebook album devoted to our shoots together on her FB page! by the way, i had some questions on our location in las vegas…. yes, those are really the colors of the walls, and NO i did not add any colors in photoshop! i think somebody messed up painting because all the doors had major overspray! :) all the better for the photos though!


you might remember megan from my previous trip to las vegas. she has such a gorgeous face with those eyes and lips… anyway, it makes my job quite easy! :) check out her latest portfolio additions!


yes, there are still MORE gorgeous girls from vegas! this was my first time working with michelle, and she was absolutely great. i loved that she got up on the stoop barefoot and did some shots!


meet sabrina… i just can’t say enough about these girls! i mean really, who could ask for better subjects?! and add that to such a fabulous location, and the bright colors most of them chose for their outfits… a total dream!