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Photo contest - and the WINNER is…

thank you all for all your entries and votes - you all had lots of supporters!  i really enjoyed seeing a part of your life through your pictures!  i’ll be doing more contests in the future, if you have any ideas on specific contest themes, send me an email!

contest finalists!

first of all, i had TONS of AMAZING entries to the contest!!!  THANK YOU all for participating!!!  what i strive for as a photographer is capturing a child’s personality through my photos.  when i’m able to get them, they are the portraits that i feel mean the most to the parents, and to myself as a mother!  to me, these every day life photo entries completely embodied that!

the voting closes on saturday, february 28th.  i will be shooting a wedding that day, so i’ll post the winner on sunday.  i had so much fun doing this, i would love to do it again with different prizes, and different categories!  make sure you get your family and friends to vote for your picture! :)  please send me an email (jamie at jamiehammondphotography dot com) with your vote in the subject line.

it was very difficult for me to narrow them down, and i actually ended up with one more than i intended, but here they are, and the reasons why they mean so much to the shooter…

1 - from Louise - This happened the other day at lunch time and it is a picture of my son and his little cousin.  I have no photography skills, but it was just a priceless moment.  These two are so independent and would never do anything like this if we prompted them, but when it was their idea – they were all for it.

2 - from Laurie - This picture was literally “brother’s love at first sight”  I had my 3rd son in Sept. and this was the first moment my eldest laid eyes on his new brother in the hospital.  He was just so filled with love.  A second later he leaned in to give his new brother a kiss on the forehead.

3 - from Courtney - Chase loves, loves, loves showers and baths.  Anytime anyone takes one, he strips down and begs to hop in.  After the shower/bath, he cuddles under his hooded towel on the floor to warm up.

4 - from Jenna - Last week we bought ourselves a new tv and we decided to keep the box for a while to let the kids play in it.  They have had the most fun and it has been very helpful for mom as well!  I caught this picture when they were playing together while my son was poking his head out of the cut-out window in the box.  Everytime I look at it my heart swells with joy for these sweet ones of mine.  I feel like it totally caught both of their personalities and just makes me smile evertime I think about it.

5 - from Kim - As a pediatric dentist I couldn’t be more proud that my kids LIKE to brush and I really LOVE how my girls are looking at each other and just having so much fun being together.  I love having a sister and I am so happy that they get to have this experience as well.

6 - from Kennedy - I  took this picture right after curling her hair for the first time ever.  She was thrilled with the results!

contest update!

the contest is officially closed for entries.  thank you ALL for your wonderful photos!  i have really enjoyed looking at them all!  i will be posting my finalists shortly, and then you all will get to vote on your favorites!!

let me see what you’ve got!!!

all right, i’m making an attempt to be better about blogging!  and to start it all off, A CONTEST!!!!  all you mom photographers, dad photographers, or whoever photographers - i want your best every day life shot!  as in your kid looking great while playing in the mud, you looking fabulous with flour on your face while cooking, just enjoying a normal day… you get the picture. (no pun intended!)  and tell me why it means something to you.  i’ll be picking my favorites and then posting them on my blog for readers to vote on.  the deadline to have them emailed to me is february 21st.  the prize for this contest will be a digital photo frame - great for showing off your amazing photos!  start shooting!!!  :)  i can’t wait to see what you come up with!!