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gorgeous mccall!

the w family flew me up to beautiful mccall, idaho where they were having their annual vacation to do some extended family portraits.  i left the pouring rain and came up to this gorgeous resort town where the sun was shining, it was warm, AND i got to take pictures of this super cute family!  seriously - check out these kids!  (you’re all okay too parents!)  ;)  all the w’s have THE BLUEST eyes i have ever seen.  we took tons of portraits, so i’ll just share some randoms from the day!

headed to boise…

i am headed to boise march 27th -april 4th.  i have no idea what the weather’s like, but if you’re up for pictures, send me an email!  i’d love to see you! ;)

let me see what you’ve got!!!

all right, i’m making an attempt to be better about blogging!  and to start it all off, A CONTEST!!!!  all you mom photographers, dad photographers, or whoever photographers - i want your best every day life shot!  as in your kid looking great while playing in the mud, you looking fabulous with flour on your face while cooking, just enjoying a normal day… you get the picture. (no pun intended!)  and tell me why it means something to you.  i’ll be picking my favorites and then posting them on my blog for readers to vote on.  the deadline to have them emailed to me is february 21st.  the prize for this contest will be a digital photo frame - great for showing off your amazing photos!  start shooting!!!  :)  i can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

last days in boise

this is the whole clan! we had so much fun visiting with all owen’s family! we took some portraits in the park with my timer, and i’m so happy with how it turned out!

the kids got to go fishing with grandma and grandpa, and boy, am i glad that they were the ones to teach them fishing! they used actual worms (velveeta’s the only thing i’ve used!) and i would not have been able to bait a hook.

tyler preferred to feed the ducks her bag of marshmellows.

she liked the white duck best, and kept getting mad when the other ducks would take the marshmellow first.

we also went four-wheeling… the kids had a BLAST!!

the kids loved uncle khan, and he was so great to hang out with them all weekend!

this is the end of our trip! we had so much fun and hope to come back soon!

the payne family!

up in boise i got to see some friends from arizona! the paynes lived in our old neighborhood, and i did their family portraits last fall. i got to meet the whole extended family this time!