welcome to my blog!!

hi there! thanks for stopping by! i'm jamie, and i take pictures! i also love to shop, eat, and play! i have quite a few pairs of FAVORITE boots (much to my husband's dismay) and an extreme lack of control when it comes to chocolate. this is a place where i can share my thoughts (crazy as they may be) and my adventures in photography. :)

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the b family

we traveled to the oregon coast this summer for vacation and i even got to squeeze in a couple photo shoots of some old friends! it was great to see them all again, and its always fun to shoot friends :) i’ve done pictures of the b girls, but never the whole family, so i was excited for the opportunity.

the w family

just like kids, i try not to have favorites with clients, but let’s face it, some days we definitely do ;) the w family fits into that category! we’ve done quite a few sessions together now, and i couldn’t say anything but YES when they called to see if we could do another one this summer!

featured on Birthday Girl!

lately i’ve had to plan a couple birthday parties of my own and have been surfing the birthday blogs, and have LOVED what’s out there! it made me think of gigi’s party and how it really needed to be seen by SOMEONE! so i picked one of my favs - Birthday Girl and submitted it, and… its been featured! check it out!


to all my wonderful clients…

thank you to everyone who has been contacting me and checking my blog for updates! i know i’ve been MIA for some time now! we had a big move right around christmas time which brought me back to my home state of california!!!! yay for sun! :) and also, after an extremely busy wedding year, missing some big events in the kids’ lives, and a very nice request from my husband, i am taking some time off to spend it with these adorable darlings! i am loving my time with them, and know that when i look back on this time, i won’t regret the shoots i’ve missed or the work i didn’t get to do, but i would have regretted the dance recitals and baseball games i didn’t get to be at!
please keep in touch as i love to see your families changing and growing :) i’ll be back before you know it!

published! ceremony magazine

ceremony magazine did a fabulous feature on tesse and mike’s gorgeous wedding designed by none other than amorology weddings! check it out! :) i really loved the concept of this wedding, it was so unique!